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        Golf Course Turf Gypsum Powder

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        Golf is a sport of high lawn demanding. The product we supply can be used for green grass and fairway grass.


        (1) The green grass use high purity gypsum powder which the natural ore after fine grinding, it can quickly dissolve and improve the ability of water penetration. The powder can neutralize alkaline soil and water and beautify the green space. Used for irrigation or ditch irrigation system.


        (2) Fairway grass use a fine granular product which the natural ore after crushing and processing. This product is soluble. Rain and irrigation water can dissolve calcium sulfate to infiltrate into the soil and improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, then increase production. Products can be used by seeding method.


        Main usage:

        (1)Improve the structure of soil. The calcium ions from gypsum can cohesion clay soil and increase pore space to improve the permeability of water and air then let it into the soil from the root. Prevent caking soil, it can improve the water infiltration and seed germination rate.


        (2) For better moisture retention. Gypsum helps absorb and retain water in soil and improve water utilization especially in period of drought.


        (3)Fertilizer. Gypsum supplies calcium and sulfur elements which is essential for the plant growth and development. Adjust the balance of trace element in the grass growing and optimal the ratio of calcium and magnesium in the soil to promote the absorption of nutrients.


        (4)Environmental safety. Fairway grass gypsum is natural, safe, environmental protection and non-toxic.


        (5) Improve the ubiquity problems such as the skill level of the lawn maintenance personnel is low; the lawn management is inefficiency and improper lawn maintenance.


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