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        Filler Grade Anhydrous Calcium Sulfate CA-20

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        The products are a world first-class quality with Chinese domestic prices.

        Feature:               high whiteness, high brightness, high fineness white powder.

        Main Standard:   internal enterprise standard

        Cas No.:               7778-18-9

        Fineness:            1500mesh

        Whiteness:          97%

        Certificated by:   ISO9001


        CA-20 selected natural high quality gypsum ore in high temperature and are made by unique techniques such as roasting, removing impurities, ultrafine grinding and air separation process. The products possess bright white color, strong hiding power, good coloring and easy spread. The content is 98% or higher, whiteness ≥97%, alternative 10-30% of titanium dioxide, can replacement of USG CAS-20-4.

        Product Advantage:

        1.High quality, cost-effective instead of titanium dioxide

        2.Excellent whiteness

        3.Excellent weather fastness

        4.Very suitable for use in thermoplastics

        5.Low Moh’s hardness makes minimize wear and tear in processing equipment

        Product Application:

        1.Replace titanium dioxide used as white pigment in plastics manufacturing, rubber industry, paper coating and coating industries.

        2.It can be used as food packaging and food acid-resisting fillers, suitable for microwave oven boxes and other special requirements in high temperature, acid and alkali resistance environment.

        3.In HDPE,HIPS products, after using calcium sulfate partly replace titanium dioxide, the impact of whiteness, opacity and mechanical properties is very small.


        To be the best calcium sulfate supplier of the world!

        ——CGC·LeiXin Gypsum


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